Societas Latinitatis Londiniensis

Universitatis Collegii Londiniensis – the UCL Latinitas Society


Societas Latinitatis Londiniensis
Universitatis Collegii Londiniensis

Salve plurimum!

Bene venisti in hanc paginam Societatis Latinitatis Londiniensis! Discipuli Universitatis Collegii Londiniensis sumus, qui linguam Latinam vivam colimus. Per annum academicum, præbebimus scholas linguæ Latinæ Græcæque et lustrationes locorum præclarorum Londinii ducemus.

Hác in sede omnia de nobis et eo quod faciamus inveniuntur, ut speramus. Sed si aliquid deest, fac sciamus. Epistulam electronicam potes mittere nobis.

Et noli oblivisci nos sequi in Pipiatorio @UCLlivinglatin!

The UCL Latinitas Society


Welcome to the UCL Latinitas Society! We are students of various kinds at University College London who cultivate Latin and its active use. Throughout the scholastic year, we put on schools of Latin and Greek and even organise excursions – in Latin – to famous sites in London.

We hope that you will find everything you need on these pages. But if something is missing, let us know! You can e-mail us through this page.

And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @UCLlivinglatin!

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